Individual Monitoring Committee

The committee meets at least once yearly with the PhD student – or, for the first year, receives an activity report from the student – and it takes this opportunity to evaluate the student’s training conditions and the progress made in his/her research. It proposes recommendations and notably furnishes a “reregistration recommendation” to the Doctoral School Director, the PhD student and the Thesis Supervisor.

Each doctoral student is accompanied by an Individual Monitoring Committee, comprising at least two persons not involved in the student’s thesis and designated upon registration by the Doctoral School Director, upon the recommendation of the research unit directorate.

Individual Monitoring Committees are first formed – 2017/2018
Contact your research unit for the proper form to fill out.


  • 15 April to 30 May 2018: PhD students send their report to their Individual Monitoring Committee members
  • 1 May to 29 June 2018: PhD students meet with their Individual Monitoring Committee (the committee’s opinion is obligatory on the form)
  • No later than 29 June 2018: Committee members fill out the final pages and furnish their recommendation concerning the student’s reregistration; they send the completed dossier directly to the student’s research unit
  • No later than 30 June 2018: The research units send to the doctoral school’s site directors both the report and the evaluation form for each PhD student attached to their laboratory.

Rules and procedures concerning the Individual Monitoring Committee’s composition, organization and functions
Rules and procedures adopted by the DSP Doctoral School Bureau on 13 January 2017.
The make-up of the Individual Monitoring Committee is proposed by the head of the research unit to the Doctoral School Director, in consultation with the Thesis Supervisor, upon the student’s first-year registration. The committee comprises at least two members, who may or may not belong to the student’s research unit; the research unit head can also serve on the committee.
The committee ensures the student’s proper doctoral training; its role is not one of scientific supervision.
Individual Monitoring Committee members can also serve on the Thesis Defence Committee.
The committee’s recommendation is required for each reregistration by the research unit head.
The research unit head transmits the committee’s recommendation to the Doctoral School Director no later than 30 June for the following academic year’s reregistration.